How it all started..

Veox started off as a platform for stock trading and handling of past stock data in hopes of creating an artificial intelligence capable of understanding the stock market and being able to predict its next move. Due to the spread of Coronavirus the stock markets collapsed, and the results of years of hard work were disposed of.

However, it isn’t all just bad news. Thanks to these hard times, we managed to find a new calling. We are in an era where almost everything could be done by the swipe of a finger, so why aren’t we pursuing these possibilities? Veox is here to bring all the businesses and service providers online and let them enjoy the freedom of modern technology. It isn’t an easy job to convert to make such drastic changes, but we will do our best to make the transition as smooth as it can be.

Meet The Team

With years of practice in developing new mind-blowing technology for aircraft and space travel, Borja was the perfect candidate to lead our development team to success.
Lead Developer
His goal was always to provide top quality services, and that's why Veox was born: to plan, create and deliver something we can all be proud of.
If smooth, modern designs is what you're after, Stevie is the man to go to. His graphical skills will catch the eye of any visitor, but no less than his majestic beard.
UI / UX Developer